Van Dhan Vikas Karyakram
The tribal communities primarily depend on collection and sale of seasonal minor forest produces (MFP) for livelihood and income...
MFPNET is a network of stakeholders in the trade of MFPs which includes individuals, agencies, institutions etc interested in development of MFP.
Retail Marketing
TRIFED aims to improve the livelihood of the tribal communities by creating a sustainable market and create business opportunities ...


TRIFED in its endeavor to develop the marketing of minor forest produce is engaged in skill up gradation and capacity building of MFP gatherers with the objective of improving their income by way of organizing training for non-destructive harvesting, primary processing, value addition and marketing of MFPs. During the last few years, TRIFED has organized intensive training on sustainable collection, cultivation, primary processing, value addition and marketing of Honey, Gum Karaya, Mahua flower, Lac, Donna Pattal making, Hill Grass, Bamboo cultivation covering 56000 Gatherers. The trainings are organized through empanelled implementing agencies working in the field of tribal development.

It has been observed that without value addition of MFP, possibility of providing remunerative prices to the MFP gatherers is limited. Accordingly, TRIFED has now designed its training programmes to include forward & backward linkages as an integral part of the training. Now the objective is to empower the beneficiaries through training, provide information and handhold them by including them as a supplier of TRIFED as far as possible or link them to different marketing channels. TRIFED’s training programmes can be divided in two categories.

  • One that leads to production of marketable product as an outcome of the training based on which an enterprise can be started with the assistance of State. Such trainings are value addition trainings on Hill Grass, Tamarind, Dona Pattal, Amla, Honey & some Agro based items like spices, herbs, cashew, etc. The trainees shall be supported in establishing marketing linkages and establishing their enterprise. While TRIFED propose to provide them with initial tool kits but for long-term sustenance of their initiative they will be converted into an enterprise with the active support of State Government. State Government’s participation will help ensure convergence by expanding the beneficiary base and can also compliment & supplement these initiatives in a positive manner by arranging to provide financial & administrative support in the form of working capital loans, Grants, subsidy, infrastructural support etc. wherever possible to help beneficiaries in establishing their enterprise and providing marketing linkages. Initial marketing linkages are also proposed to be provided as part of the training programme by marketing their products through TRIBES INDIA outlets established by TRIFED or any other outlet locally, directly by them. They will be encouraged to market their products locally in a systematic manner so that they can take control of their enterprise without continuous support from any outside agency. A brand is also proposed to be established for such MFP products that can be sold in Retail to help provide a distinct identity to such products.
  • Second is purely skill development training under which inputs are provided to the tribals to cultivate, collect and harvest MFP items in a scientific manner so that it not only improves the quantity & quality of the produce but also protects the environment. These trainings will result in earning livelihood through Lac cultivation, Processing of TBOs & Mahuwa Flower business activity in a scientific manner. These are purely skill development training under which they will be trained to enhance quantity collects and its quality so that their income improves. They will be encouraged to work in SHG mode for these training and work collectively to improve their incomes.